Rae Martini

Born in Milan in 1976.
He has his first approach to the streets as a part of the third generation of Skaters of the middle 80s.
He then comes face to face with painting and artistic expression for the first time in the last 80s and for over twenty years he serves as one of the greatest exemplars of the European Graffiti writing movement and as an Italian multi-style-lettering street celebrity.
From the Wildstyles painted on streets and trains and a never ending research on lettering evolution, to the artistic career dedicated to the world of abstract and conceptual painting on canvas .
Just like railroad tracks, Writing and abstract art domains intertwine and influence each other with the aesthetics and experiences
of two worlds, distant, yet close.
He actually lives in Milan and works as a painter, illustrator and designer. Among the brands and companies that collaborated with Rae there are WeSC, Reebok, Nike, Puma, Casio G-Shock, Moet & Chandon, Microsoft, SHOWStudio, Samsung.

Rae won the 2012 ArtYou award Basel, and showed in international contemporary art galleries, such as Carmichael Gallery Los Angeles, Soze Gallery Los Angeles, Galerie Schoeneck Basel, Galerie Openspace Paris, Prague City Gallery with the Rebel Ink Crew, 54 Venice Biennale International Art show Special Project in 2011, “In Situ” show with the Graffuturism group at Art Basel Miami/Wynwood Art District in Miami, USA, “Faire le Mur” at Le Lieu Unique in Nantes, Unruly Gallery Amsterdam, Castel Nuovo – Fondazione Valenzi Naples, Museum Recoleta Buenos Aires, MAC – Contemporary Art Museum of San Paolo in Brasil, PAC Museum – Contemporary Art Pavilion in Milan, Italy.
The project “24 Carat Dirt” (2012) consists of a monograph video documentary and book published by Damiani and globally distributed.

He actually lives and works in Milan, Italy.

Web: www.raemartini.org